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VacuFlush 4800 series toilets feature a wall flush switch to control the “Flush” and “Add Water” functions. We are here to help you identify your model, diagnose symptoms you may be having and supply you with a solution. Service center Select product category* Nothing selected Air Conditioners Blinds Camping Furniture Camping Tents Cleaning Control Devices Coolers Driver Assistance Systems Energy & Lighting Heating Solutions Mobile Cooking Refrigerators RV Awnings Safety Solutions Sanitation Ventilation Solutions Water Heaters Windows & Doors. This maintenance kit contains parts used in routine maintenance of VacuFlush Toilets. We find that many owners don&39;t take the time to learn how to use their sanitation sy. All boats with fixed toilets in U.

Access to drinkable water is an absolute necessity. VacuFlush™ toilets have a sophisticated waste disposal system that use stored vacuum vessels and diaphragm pumps to send waste to a holding tank. Page 1 VACUFLUSH® SANITATION SYSTEM OWNER’S MANUAL 500 Plus Series, 1000 Series, Model 706 Toilets CE N T NOTI RTA ems. Browse Dometic VacuFlush Toilet Parts available in various series. So we urge you to look closely at our water makers – especially if you are planning an extended stay at sea. Identifying Your Marine Or RV Toilet. View and Download Dometic VacuFlush 500 series operation manual online.

We can survive longer without food than we can without water. Also for: Vacuflush 506+, Vacuflush 508+, Vacuflush 547+, Vacuflush 548+, Vacuflush 706. Login area for service parts, B2B tools.

VacuFlush Toilet Kit The base price of this kit is the price of the Bowl Seal. J Gordon & Co is the Annapolis area certified VacuFlush dealer, installer and service center. Featuring odor-free performance, easy operation and outstanding efficiency. VacuFlush toilets are highly favored marine, RV, and portable toilets. CLICK THE IMAGE of your model and be taken to your toilets parts breakdown or a PDF Manual. Dometic VacuFlush 506 - Outstanding comfort and low-flush efficiency are the major benefits of the VacuFlush 500 Plus series of Dometic toilets. All boats with fixed toilets in U. INSTRUCTION MANUAL ARCHIVE Download manuals to your Dometic products.

If vacuflush service manual you are looking for PARTS, choose a category above. One more in the never ending list of maintenance jobs on the boat is to change the Vacuflush toilet system duck bill valves. Dometic corporation, Sanitation Systems 13128 State Rt 226, PO Box 38, Big Prairie, OH 44611 SeaLand Product Hotlinewww. Feel free to TEXT a picture or request toor email us a picture of your toilet to com if you have questions regarding identifying your toilet.

How does vacuflush work? packs of 2 vacuflush service manual 1 1/2" duckbills. Remember the vacuum pump starts automatically. The categories at the top of this page will navigate you to the parts breakdowns or click on the picture. VacuFlush systems operate with fresh water, eliminating the mal odors and calcification build-up caused by lake and seawater organisms that die in the lines.

Choose between two flush modes to conserve water without sacrificing the powerful, bowl-clearing performance of the VacuFlush marine toilet system. Modification of this product can result in property damage. Follow the instructions below for standard SeaLand wall switch installation. Pack of 2" duckbills. Lauderdale, FL 33315.

it&39;s where you go to save. What is vacuflush vacuum? Water valve. If the vacuum exceeds 10” and the switch does not shut off, replace the vacuum switch. Page 1 VACUFLUSH ® SANITATION SYSTEM OWNER’S MANUAL 500 Plus Series, 1000 Series, Model 706 Toilets WARNING This manual must be read and understood before adjustment, maintenance, or service is performed. It only uses an average of a pint of water per flush. The elongated seat and deep bowl offer the feel of home, while powerful vacuum flush action extends freshwater resources and holding tank efficiency. KetofaRV Water Valve Assembly Camper Trailer Toilet Repair Kit Replaces for Dometic Sealand EcoVac Vacuflush Pedal Flush Toilets 4.

Dometic Sanitation Corporation 3 28 State Rt 226, PO Box 38 Big Prairie, OH 446 SeaLand Product Customer Service:www. Amazon&39;s Choice for vacuflush parts 2 PiecesRV Toilet Rubber Seal Toilet Flush Ball Seal for Dometic Sealand Mansfield VacuFlush RV Camper Toilet, Compatible with, 510/506+, 510+/1006,1008/EcoVac 146-149. This Kit Contains: 1. Vacuum pedal-flush toilet. Welcome to your VacuFlush toilet parts diagrams. These toilets feature advanced technologies to help you use less water yet enjoy a clean flush with less blockages and odors in the process. Special Tissue section in this manual for more information. Do not attempt installation with-out first contacting a VacuFlush.

This means onboard toilet facilities can be used when the boat is near swimmers, beaches or shellfish beds. has compiled vacuflush service manual a guide for trouble shooting your VacuFlush or Traveler toilet. Type III systems are designed to permit operation of the toilet without the direct discharge of untreated waste after every flush. This database contains manuals for Dometic, Kampa, Mobicool & Waeco Use the search box to browse our documents database and find documentation related to your product, such as installation and operating manuals, product drawings, quick start guides, technical data sheets and more. Order parts at Environmental Marine. When comparing the major differences among marine toilet systems, most boaters find that SeaLand VacuFlush systems by Dometic offer many advantages that result in homelike comfort and superior, long lasting performance. VacuFlush™ toilets have a sophisticated waste disposal system that use stored vacuum vessels and diaphragm pumps to send waste to a holding tank. We are a stocking dealer and have most repair parts for sale at our shop in Eastport, Annapolis.

If you have any product-related questions for these VacuFlush Toilet Parts, just give us a call atbetween the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Dometic for Business. See more results. Once you specify what style Ball / Shaft / Spring Cartridge kit you need and add the Water Valve kit, your total will reflect each options. We are happy to work with you.

Make sure all guests understand the operation of the VacuFlush system and the instruction label is in plain sight and easy for guests to read. J Gordon has a staff that is certified to install and repair VacuFlush systems. Dometic Sealand VacuFlush Parts for less. VacuFlush Toilets and Parts. And because it uses vacuum to pull the water to the tank, it does a much better job of cleaning out the hoses — another cause of odor. The following is a list of the Vacuum Generator options if you are having troubles identifying your model. Office Hours: M-F 8AM-4:30PM EST. General VacuFlush™ Vacuum Pump Problems If your vacuum pump will not shut off, isolate the toilet by shutting off the water, then insert the vacuum tester into the 1” orifice of the funnel in the bottom of the toilet.

A stinky job, but easy enough if. Welcome to learning more about your New, Current or Future VacuFlush system. VacuFlush Toilet Parts; VacuFlush Toilet Parts VacuFlush Toilet Parts. VacuFlush Troubleshooting Guide.

Seacoast Services, Inc. Box 38 Big Prairie, OHUSA SeaLand Product Hotline:00 a. If this label is not included in this manual, please contact the SeaLand Product Customer Service Department immediately. IMPORTANT NOTICE! WARNING VacuFlush® sanitation systems must be installed according to Dometic’s recommended procedures.

Many Vacuflush issues can be avoided simply by proper use of the system. Page 1 This manual must be read and understood before adjustment, maintenance, or service is performed. What is marine vacuflush? Owners manual for VacuFlush Toilets. This manual must be read and understood before adjustment, maintenance, or service is performed.

Page 1 This manual must be read and under- stood before installation, adjustment, service, or maintenance is performed. 8 out of 5 stars 6 . Bowl seals. Summary of Contents of user manual for Dometic 500Plus Series. Dometic’s VacuFlush™ marine toilets are high-quality, powerful toilet systems that are only sold exclusively through distributors and dealers. STEP 1: Select a location for the flush switch and optional vacuum status panel (if status panel is be-ing installed).

US dealer/service locator. This flushing technology uses very little water and it also allows the toilet and waste holding tank to be positioned apart from each other. Vacuum Tester Gauge. Dometic VacuFlush 4806 - VacuFlush 4800 series toilets bring water-efficient flushing and all-ceramic luxury to a new level. The VacuFlush system is a holding tank or Type III system as defined by the U.

This Kit Contains: 311462 Teflon and rubber Bowl seal 318162 Ball, Shaft and spring cartridge 310025 Ring and Clamp. I have had Vacuflush heads in the past and have loved the fresh water flush feature -but always worried about someone flushing something that they sholdn&39;t - and the complex repair I could envision. Dometic VacuFlush Toilets Bowl contents are powerfully pulled from the toilet bowl through a stored vacuum vessel and macerating vacuum pump, and then pumped to a large holding tank. Modification of this product can result in property damage. What is a vacuflush tank? Page 1 VACUFLUSH ® STATUS PANEL PRODUCT GUIDE Dometic Corporation • Sanitation Systems 13128 State Rt. VacuFlush 500 series toilets pdf manual download. The Vacuflush system however uses fresh water, which eliminates a lot of the smell from bacteria and “things from the sea”.

The VacuFlush system is a holding vacuflush service manual tank or Type III system as defined by the U. Marine Sanitation & Supply is the master distributor for VacuFlush product and parts for the greater Northwest. This rebuild kit contains the repair parts required to refurbish a SeaLand Vacuflush 506+ Toilet.

Basic Maintenance Kit w/ 1 1/2" DuckBill Valves & Black Spring Cartridge. waters and in the waters of some other countries are required to be equipped with an operable marine sanitation device (MSD). Fixing The 3 Most Common VacuFlush Toilet Problems. I have not had an electric head, but they seem to be simply a marine head with a macerator on the bottom of the bowl. Featuring odor-free performance, easy operation and outstanding efficiency, VacuFlush has become one of the most sought-after. K-506+ REBUILD KIT. Dometic / Sealand Vacuflush Maintenance Kits. allowing up to four times more holding tank capacity than other types of systems.

Vacuflush service manual

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